Lighting products and Site furnishings by Brand

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Architectural designed exterior lighting productsLED

Scroll down for site furnishings products like benches, bollards, tree grates, bicycle racks…

LED Architectural designed area and street light for urban spaces HESS Street Lighting/Area Lighting Post Top LED Suitable for category P and V, architectural lighting, architectural street and urban lighting
Exterior light fittings with secondary reflector HESS Light Beam Image Splitting Post Top LED With secondary reflector for glare reduced area lighting: architectural area, anti-glare and urban lighting
Illuminated columns HESS Illuminating columns LED Columns for illuminating or decorative purposes: architectural flood, architectural street, urban and accent lighting
Catenary street lighting LED HESS Catenary Suspended Lighting LED A range of catenary, suspended light fittings for area or road lighting. The Village is now available with LED!
LED architectural outdoor wall mounted light fittings HESS Wall mounted luminaires LED Wall mounted light fittings – some in the same style as the pole mounted or catenary fittings: architectural designed area, urban, and commercial lighting
Illuminating bollards LED HESS Illuminating bollards LED Bollards for illuminating or decorative purposes: decorative outdoor, path and commercial decorative lighting
Exterior LED up-lighter HESS Accent Lighting LED In-ground and surface mounted spot lights: up-lighter, landscape lighting, facade illumination
Outdoor LED lighting effects HESS LED lighting effects LED Sturdy exterior or interior in-ground and surface mounted LED solutions – lines and tiles: decorative exterior, commercial, pool, fountain lighting, LED linear fittings
HESS Pendant luminaires Complementing other fitting designs: commercial in-door lighting, architectural contemporary solutions
LED glass seat for exterior areas HESS Illuminating seats LED A very unique glass seat – available in a DMX controlled LED version for urban applications
Downlights exterior HESS Ceiling luminaires LED Surface mounted ceiling luminaires: commercial and architectural designed lighting
Heritage exterior lighting LED HESS Heritage Light fittings  LED A range of Heritage street lighting solutions – even with LED: vintage lighting

WIBRE, Germany Logo

Underwater lights and exterior light fittings, products from GermanyLED


Stainless Steel pool light

Recessed underwater light  fitting

Surface mounted underwater flood light

Underwater loudspeaker

WIBRE fountain nozzle LED light

WIBRE Underwater Fittings with Ingress Protection rating IP68


Stainless steel pool lights from 210 to 500mm diameter


Stainless steel underwater fittings from 50mm to 130mm diameter


Stainless steel 35mm to 470mm diameter


Stainless steel frame – round or square


Underwater loudspeaker – flush or surface mounted

WIBRE Underwater LED Ring Spotlight for 1″ fountain nozzle 18-24W, white or RGBW (see pages 4-5)

In-ground up-lighter LEDSurface mounted underwater flood light

LED Gooseneck 9W IP54

Exterior In-ground and Surface Mounted Fittings with Ingress Protection rating IP67


Stainless steel in-ground fittings round from 35mm to 410mm diameter or linear /strip lighting up to 1225mm


Stainless steel 232mm diameter, see also UNDERWATER (SURFACE MOUNTED) LED


Sturdy Polycarbonate tube fitting

WIBRE Exterior Goose-neck fitting LED

Outdoor lighting for smaller advertising boards


Made in Germany

HESS Street and Site furnishing products Tree grates and guards, benches, waste receptacles, bicycle racks, barrier systems, power and water bollards, planters

 logo_vulkan  LED Street Light Fitting from Vulkan

Functional street and area luminaires, products from Germany LED


High performance and long life: For example the V3630 LED:

>100lm/W fitting light output

L80B10 @ 100,000hrs

Long-life quality drivers.

From 12W – 140W/1,200lm – 14,000lm

6 different light distributions

Quality and reliability: Made in Germany.

VULKAN LED Technology for street lighting  Modular LED system for various lumen output configuration


Sololuce LogoMade In Italy

Italian designed, architectural light fittings for outdoor and indoor applications. A huge range in LED:

Outdoor/exterior: From area/street lighting, flood lighting, building accentuation, bollards, in-ground up-lighter to accent lighting.

Indoor/interior: From LED troffers, down lights, spot lights, pendants, high-bay, weatherproof linear to low bay.

With conventional light sources as well…

 post top luminaires for area and street lighting SOLOLUCE Area and Street Lighting Products LED Post top and side mounted light fittings: urban-, commercial-, architectural designed lighting
 flood lights outdoor SOLOLUCE Outdoor Flood Lighting LED A range of LED outdoor flood lights in linear or round shape from 3W to 72W:
 illuminating bollard SOLOLUCE Illuminating bollards LED A range of square and round LED bollards: urban spaces, commercial illumination
 in-ground up-lighters SOLOLUCE In-ground luminaires LED A range of round and square in-ground up-lighters from 1W up to 60W in LED
  Ceiling mounted outdoor SOLOLUCE Outdoor General lighting LED  IP65/66 outdoor LED fittings from 10W to 100W, linear, round or square, some with sensors
 wall mounted outdoor fittings architectural SOLOLUCE Wall mounted fittings LED A wide range of LED wall mounted fittings 2W to 19W, including stair-, decorative facade lighting, recessed or surface mounted: Commercial, architectural designed building illumination
 High bay and pendants light fittings SOLOLUCE High Bay and Pendants LED Decorative and functional LED high bay fittings, up to 200W: retail, commercial, architectural designed lighting, Suspended linear LED fittings: Retail, office, warehouse, reception areas
 general lighting indoor round recessed SOLOLUCE Indoor down-lights round LED A range of LED down-lights from 1W to 50W, recessed or surface mounted, for general  and accent illumination
  general lighting indoor linear and square and square SOLOLUCE Indoor linear and square fittings LED Decorative and functional LED linear and square fittings, 16W to 71W, with anti-glare technology: office- , retail- , commercial- , architectural designed lighting, Suspended linear LED fitting, see under high bay for retail, office, warehouse, reception areas
 LED strips SOLOLUCE  LED Strips and fittings A range of LED indoor and outdoor strip-light fittings for continuous rows. Also for cabinet illumination, available with sensor.


Barthelme logoMade or designed in Germany

The most comprehensive range of quality LED Strip Lighting and suitable profiles, also available customized for the required lengths. Outdoor light fittings like linear LED wall washer, in-ground up-lighters , small surface mounted LED fittings and controls. From all whites, tunable whites, RGB to RGB-W and RGB-A.

  Barthelme High-end fully grouted LED strips Aqualuc LED Flexible, resistant against water IP67/68, resistant against UV radiation and chemicals, all whites, solid colours and RGB. From 250lm/m up to 1,700lm/m, Clear versions or opal – fully homogenous strips. The W:AVE strip is bendable up and down, the C:URVE strip left and right.
  BARTHELME LEDlight flex LED The biggest range of LED stripes. From 270lm/m up to 3,500lm/m. All whites, tunable white, solid colours and RGB/RGB-W/RGB-A. Special whites for bakeries and butcheries….
  BARTHELME  aluminium profiles for LED stripes for every application: up-light, down-lights, wall fittings, cove lighting straight/curved, floor lighting, stair lighting, book shelf lighting, integration into plasterboard, wall corner lighting, glass shelf’s, pendant luminaires
  BARTHELME customized linear LED fittings LED Choose the profile, choose the cover, choose the LED stripe, choose indoor or outdoor…etc…etc. Highly flexible!
BARTHELME  LED light fittings: small outdoor LED spots, LED wall-washer, LED in-ground up-lighter, hand rail LED lighting, LED glass bricks lighting, recessed wall LED lights, LED downlights, small display LED lights
  BARTHELME controller LED From DALI, DMX, KNX to 1-10V controller for CV or CC LED’s. Remotes and wall controller.Please note that some radio controlled controller on the BARTHELME web page are not suitable for ANZ