LED Retrofit Lamps

Commercial LED Retrofit Lamps from SLT – German Engineering

Commercial LED retrofit lamps for in- and outdoor HID applications. From 12W up to 30W.

LED retrofit lamps are a good choice under the following circumstances:

  • the overall condition of the fitting is still good
  • For energy savings and reduced re-lamping labor – upgrading from Mercury Vapor lamps which only have half the luminous efficacy
  • For mainly reduced re-lamping labor – upgrading from Metal Halide and High Pressure sodium lamps.
  • the different light distribution of the LED retrofit lamps results in a satisfactory illumination
  • the geometry of the LED retrofit lamp allows an easy replacement
  • the lamp holder can carry the higher weight – additional supports for horizontal operation are available
  • the life of the integrated electronics match the life of the LED’s, e. g. 50,000hrs which are 12.5 years for street lighting

WARNING: Old ballasts and Ignitors must be disconnected. Lamps are not dimmable

FORM and Light is distributing high quality LED retrofit lamps from SLT. SLT is a company with German engineering and manufacture in China under German quality control.

Please contact us for higher wattages which are not on the spec sheet below.

Main specifications:

Wattages: 12/15/20/25/30W

Lumen output: 1600lm/2000lm/2700lm/3200lm/3600lm

Socket: E27

Colour temperature range: 2700-5500K

Life time hours: L70 @ 50,000hrs

Warranty: 2 years

Beam spread: 360° hor/120° vertically

Ambient temperature range: -30C…50C

[spiderpowa-pdf src=”http://formandlight.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/E27-Product-Datasheet-01-2015.pdf”]E27 Product Datasheet 01-2015

In order to compare the performance of LED retrofit lamps versus HID lamps you have to consider the following:

Life: HID range from typical 16,000hrs to 30,000hrs, defined as average rated life with 50% of the lamps have failed totaly

Lumen depreciation: Between 50% @ 10,000hrs and 20,000hrs for HID lamps

LED’s: typical and for the LED retrofit lamps above –> L70 @ 50,000hrs, i. e . after 50,000hrs the light output is down to 70% as a result from light output depreciation and/or total failure of LED’s

Lumen output efficacy: for HID lamps between 50lm/W and 120lm/W measured @ 100hrs, LED >100lm/W. Depreciation, see above