Commercial Underwater Lights

Commercial Underwater Lights

Commercial underwater lights which are surface mounted. Recessed lights are in the pool section. Made by WIBRE, Germany from stainless steel 316l or 904L if needed.

Most of these lights must be operated under water for cooling purposes. Wattages from 2W up to 43W in LED and up to 1000W with MH lamps. Power supplies and ballasts either integrated or remote, please refer to the spec sheets. A wide range of beam spreads is available. Customizations possible, please contact us.


underwater lights or small spot for exterior applications flood light
large LED flood lights round WIBRE

WIBRE, Germany


2 – 5W LED

35mm diameter, IP68

all whites, solid colours, RGB

WIBRE, Germany


5 – 28W LED

95mm diameter, IP68

solid colours, all whites, RGB

WIBRE, Germany 4.0192

15 – 34W LED

170mm diameter, IP68

solid colours, all whites, RGB

WIBRE, Germany


43 – 110W LED

232mm diameter, IP68

solid colours, all whites, RGB, RGB-W

midsize LED flood lights WIBRE
underwater lights or small spot light WIBRE LED
WIBRE big underwater lights 400W

WIBRE, Germany

4.2202 underwater light

250 – 400W HID

410mm dia, IP68

316l stainless steel

WIBRE Dock underwater lights big

WIBRE, Germany

4.2202 dock light

250 – 1000W HID

470mm dia, IP68

316l stainless steel

You can find more models here!

Most of above fittings are available with either a double sided or single sided bracket. The fitting material for underwater lights should be stainless steel 1.4571/316L or for higher salt concentrations or warm salt water higher alloyed steel 1.4539/904L and also electro polished to further enhance the corrosion resistance. Contrary to popular belief stainless steel can in fact stain and discolour, in particular when incorrectly treated and finished.The same is true for all other fitting parts e. g. cable glands which also should be made from the appropriate stainless steel. You can order the underwater cable with the necessary length. All other accessories like branch boxes, connectors etc. are available as well.