Underwater Speakers

Underwater speakers for commercial applications

These underwater speakers from WIBRE are available in various flush-mounted and surface-mounted variants:

· Flush-mounted installation in a marine grade 316L stainless steel housing or surface mounted with molded plastic component for retrofit wall installation

· For mobile use hanging over the edge of the pool

· Cover is made of shatter-proof plastic

· Customizations are possible, please contact us

· Supplied with a 15 m length of connecting cable

  • 1 loudspeaker for 25–40 cubic meter water volume (depending on pool construction)
  • Sound is only audible under the water
Wibre underwater speakers

WIBRE, Germany

underwater speakers

recessed or surface mounted

258 or 280mm dia.

30W max

What is the purpose of underwater speakers? First, consider the world of water dancing. Synchronized swimmers need to actually hear the music while they’re practicing their art. In fact, one of the oldest producers of underwater speakers, got its start following a successful product demo at the 1970 National Senior Synchronized Swimming Championships in the U.S. Lap swimmers, scuba divers, marine biologists, cave divers and underwater film crews all benefit from underwater sound system technology as well. How better for 18 divers to communicate on a submerged Hollywood set? Can we really hear music on the bottom of a lake or a swimming pool? Sure we can. Sound travels through both air and water. In fact, sound waves move 4.3 times faster underwater than they do through the atmosphere [source: NOAA]. In a swimming pool, fast-traveling sound waves leave the underwater speaker and bounce off the bottom of the pool, the surface of the water and each side of the pool. The sound reaches the listener from all directions, and the human brain simply can’t process the location of the original sound source.