Illuminating Columns

Illuminating columns for street, area lighting, spot lighting

Illuminating Columns from HESS, made in Germany for urban and commercial applications. All available with LED.

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NEW: HESS ARINI, a versatile, multi-functional lighting system to illuminate urban spaces. Inspired by nature, colorful with optional RGB tip. Get into the mood with the ARINI mood finder!

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Arini multifunctional light poles

Arini versatile lighting for open spaces

The City Elements family of illuminating columns is highly customizable with many different, stack-able lighting modules available. There are up-lighting/street/area and lateral lighting elements with different light distributions.

All elements can be rotated 360 degrees and some vertically aimed. Many special elements like CCTV, speakers, WIFI, Power outlet and water faucets. Up to 9m high and 180mm or 230mm diameter.

Product introduction video

Customizations are possible, please see video below.

Columns are the choice for a minimalistic design where function follows form – Arini is the opposite…

illuminating columns City Elements
HESS Riva illuminating column

HESS, Germany CITY ELEMENTS family of products, multi functional, modular columns

from 23W up to 150W LED LED


HESS, Germany

RESIDENZA illuminating columns

23/34W LED

HESS, Germany

VIGO columns

23/32W LED, also in RGB-W available!

HESS, Germany

RIVA column

on request


illuminating culumns VIGO
illuminating columns Residenza
illumanting columns RENO

HESS, Germany

RENO 3200 Illuminating column

70/150W HID

Customize your own City Elements pole online and get a PDF specification with picture!

CITY ELEMENTS Configurator Link

There are many options for the City Elements illuminating columns in regards to lighting but also other elements for urban applications like banner holders, Christmas garland provisions etc.


More illuminating columns from Ghidini!

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This YouTube video shows the production of a highly customized lighting pole for a customer.

HESS, Germany


Arini, multifunctional light poles

HESS, Germany

ARINI, multi-functional, versatile outdoor lighting LED system: lighting, WIFI, speaker, projection, CCTV