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Effect lighting exterior

Effect lighting exterior for decorative illumination

Effect lighting or luminaires for lighting effects from HESS and WIBRE.

Below fittings are suitable for in- or outdoor usage, IP67 rated . Some models are also suitable for underwater usage with IP68 available. Some made from Stainless steel, some from marine grade aluminum.

The stainless steel variants are available in models of a roll-over capacity of 5 ton, important for pedestrian areas with emergency vehicle access. All products need an external driver, which are available up to an IP67 rating. Typical maximum cable length between driver and fitting is 10m, please contact us for more information or longer runs.

Please contact us for help, if you don’t find what you are looking for.

effect lighting HESS Ledia LF illuminating tile


Illuminating tile


3…14W LED

whites, colours, RGB

1.5ton and 5.0ton capacity

WIBRE, Germany


Orientation light

550mm dia


whites, colours, RGB

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HESS, Germany


Illuminating strip

1000mm x 19mm

20/22W LED

whites, RGB-W

40/120 degrees

HESS linear strip exterioe NARA
effect lighting WIBRE big rouns orientation light
WIBRE linear decorative outddor strip lights

WIBRE, Germany


Illuminating strip

250/1000mm x 32mm

3/10W LED

whites, colours, RGB

frosted or directional

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HESS, Germany


Illuminating strip


3…16W LED

whites, colours, RGB

1.5 and 5.0ton capacity

effect lighting LEDIA LL LED strip linear


HESS Ledia LF LED tile

HESS Ledia LF LED tile in a pedestrian area

HESS Ledia LED decorative illumination

HESS Ledia LED decorative illumination of an underpass