Lighting Brands

Form and Light is the distributor of the

following German, Italian and Spanish

lighting brands in Australia and NZ


Form and Light represents several lighting brands and promotes the range of Hess GmbH products exclusively for Australia and New Zealand. The Hess brand stands for architectural designed outdoor light fittings with high quality “Made in Germany”. The application ranges from street lighting, area lighting, facade lighting, urban lighting, LED strip lighting, flood lighting, wall lighting, bollards, heritage lighting to architectural lighting. 100% of all light fittings are with LED. A range of street and site furnishings complement all lighting products. The perfect combination of luminaires and street and site furnishings allows the realization of holistic concepts for urban and open space planning.
In addition to its headquarters and parent plant in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany – since 1997 Hess has been active in the USA through a subsidiary with production plant.

HESS can customize or design from scratch lighting solution for even the most difficult projects.
The company is DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental) certified.

The HESS production as seen from a lighting artist:

WIBRE, Germany LogoForm and Light distributes also the range of Wibre products in Australia and New Zealand. The specialty Wibre product range comprises the whole world of commercial underwater and exterior light fittings, applications from pools, fountains, bridges to landscaping with IP ratings 67 and 68 up to 1000W. Pool lighting, underwater lighting, decorative lighting, water feature lighting, landscape lighting, everything with a high IP rating. Most of the light fittings are available as LED lighting and LED’s are especially recommended for pool lights.
Founded in 1919 by Wilhelm Breuninger in the German state of Mecklenburg, WIBRE moved 1953 to Baden-Wuerttemberg, the state of Mercedes and Porsche production locations. WIBRE lights have been specified for many projects from Scandinavia to North Africa as well as in the Middle East and the Asian region. The WIBRE brand stands for high performance, high quality light fittings with a high IP rating. A company which stands out under specialized lighting brands.

As a member of the Nordeon Groupurban German lighting supplier Vulkan, Vulkan benefits from the technical innovations from one of the largest manufacturers for professional LED-lighting in Europe. Vulkan builds on the stability and the infrastructure of an excellent international group of companies. Vulkan, as no other brand in the lighting industry, especially in the German speaking countries, combines most innovative LED technology with many years of experience – founded in 1898. Functional road luminaires with beautiful and elegant design. High quality, maintenance friendly and with attractive conditions. Product families are:

  • Functional street lighting
  • Functional area lighting
  • Decorative street and area lighting

Griven, Italy

Griven is a member of the Experience Brands group of companies. Griven is an Italian based company specialized in outdoor architainment lighting solutions. A leading manufacturer of white light and colour changing surface mount, modular, linear, recessed, underwater and visual display LED lighting. One of the leading lighting brands in this application field.

NORDEON LOGONordeon is a new innovative European Lighting company with over 60 years of experience in lighting. Nordeon was founded in October of 2012 with the acquisition of Philips’ professional luminaire manufacturing and development site in Springe, Germany. Nordeon Springe is one of Europe’s largest manufacturing sites of professional LED based luminaires for retail, industry and outdoor markets.


TVILIGHT is offering full-control solutions for street and area lighting, that allow cutting down the energy costs and creating a livable, safer environment for those who live in the cities. TVILIGHT seeks to unleash the full potential of sensor technology and wireless communication, is offering a lighting experience that goes beyond lighting. TVILIGHT envision the world where data is collected and managed effortlessly, for the good of cities and citizens.

Secom is a Spanish company founded in 1986. Since the very beginning, the company set as its main goal the manufacture of high-quality light fittings aimed to improve the standard of life of the end user.

Secom pays special attention to safety standards, ensuring that the assembly works and maintenance are simple and economical. Over the last years, Secom has improved its manufacturing processes and quality control, enabling it to offer a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. These efforts have contributed to the success of Secom both in the Spanish and international market, providing lighting solutions to customers all over the world.

Ghidini logo

Ghidini Lighting has produced lighting equipment for exterior lighting for over thirty years. Ghidini Lighting continues with research and development in this sector to provide products with a high level of performance and that are relevant for lighting consultants, distributors and contractors. The products are applied in projects in the urban, commercial and residential sectors.

Ghidini is focused on outdoor lighting, whereas Lucitalia takes care of high quality, Italian designed indoor lighting products.

CIVIC logo

CIVIC, is a company located in Trezzano sul Naviglio (Mi) operating on the market since many years, and specialized in the production of lighting fittings for indoor and outdoor. The product range of Civic includes a very large variety of models, such as profiles, downlights, several types of outdoor fittings (recessed floor fixtures, pillars for gardens, etc.), LED systems, spots and many other solutions for lighting. One of Civic’s argument of strength is the high product customizing and the production of custom made fittings in order to satisfy even the requirements of the more demanding customers.