Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting

HESS Arini: a multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting System

Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting from HESS, Germany: City Elements or Arini? Minimalist or artistic?

The newest product family from HESS, Germany is just stunning: Arini, a Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting system

Hess Arini, Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting

ARINI is a completely new lighting system that combines multi-functional designed outdoor lighting with an exceptional design inspired by nature.

With its flowing curves, the ARINI appears as a harmonious portraiture of a stylized parrot sitting in a tree. A portraiture that is internally harmonious and that unites the natural with the urban.

The striking details that make ARINI a real work of art are also oriented on the laws of nature: The rear part of the luminary head for example, can be equipped with RGBW lighting and can set colour accents as desired. Apropos colour: The ARINIs are – just as the feathered models that inspired them and typical of Hess – available in almost all desired colours: regardless of whether tone on tone or with deliberate contrast coloring. You want to experience ARINI live? Visit the mood finder…
Hess ARINI Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting 

Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting

All functions are integrated into heads with the same design as the lighting head. All heads can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

  • Lighting: 54W LED, available with different light distributions, 3000K or 4000K, DALI or DMX controlled, optional RGBW illuminated tip

Arini with RGBW tip Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting

  • Sound: 25W horn speakerMulti-functional designed outdoor Lighting
  • CCTV: Ethernet connected HD camera
  • WIFI: Access point connected via PoE
  • Projection (in preparation): customized gobo/logo projection onto surfaces

Pole Designs

Several pole designs are available – if this is not enough, HESS can also customize.

  • Curved pole, up to 9m height
  • straight conical pole, up to 10.7m
  • straight conical pole, inclined 4 degrees

Arini poles Multi-functional designed outdoor Lighting

Also several lighting head arrangements are possible.

Arini pole - head configurations

HESS Arini street area

For additional information, visit HESS – Arini product overview

Download links:

  1. ARINI brochure
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