Smart Street Lighting Controls

Sensor based smart street lighting controls

The newest development from Netherland’s TVILIGHT shows the ultimate energy saving potential for road and area lighting: smart street lighting controls with lighting on demand. Based on a patented presence detection solution, adaptive control products offer on-demand lighting, meaning the right amount of light when and where it is necessary. The solution reduces energy consumption by up to 80% and maintenance costs by up to 50%. The system consists of dimmable street lights (e.g. LED lighting) and a wireless sensor device (CitySense), which enables presence based light control. During off-peak hours, lights dim to a pre-defined level. Upon detection of a pedestrian, bicycle, or car, all lights in the vicinity increase to full brightness. In this way, the solution combines safety with savings. The system works wireless together with the web based CityManager application. Smart street lighting controls are the ultimate step to achieve best energy savings possible together with remote management and possible other third party hardware and software integration.

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Advanced Web-Based Lighting Management

Realtime, wireles streetlighting control system

The web based CityManager software allows remote configuration, monitoring, management and control of all lighting infrastructures (both at individual and group level) with real-time lighting information and failure reporting.
Outdoor lights are represented on a graphical interface on Google Maps, coordinated with GPS technology that enables you to locate, monitor and control individual lighting points and traffic density (beta) with ease.
CityManager is an open platform that can interface with a range of third-party hardware and software. This enables the implementation of additional services, for example air pollution control, car charging, traffic management and security applications on the same platform.

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