DMX Control Simulation

The possibilities of a simple DMX control: an interactive DMX control simulation

DMX is a control standard to control devices such as light fittings. It is often used for dynamic lighting effects e. g. in stage and studio  but extends now to architectural lighting. It is a robust and fast protocol suitable for dynamic applications. In contrast to the DALI system where the signal runs along a bus the light fittings are daisy chained. The controller – or called master – is connected to the first fitting – also called slave – and then the slave is connected to the next fitting/slave and so on. That means the controller has one Out and every slave has one In and one Out connector. The Out connector from the last fitting in the chain must be terminated with a 120 Ohm terminator.

Modern RGB or RGB-W lighting offers fantastic possibilities for commercial and architectural applications, that reach their full potential when combined with a control method such as DMX. Try the DMX control simulation below at the end of the page.

WIBRE Surface mounted RGB fittings, Toulouse Pont Neuf

A stunning bridge application with WIBRE surface mounted RGB fitting in Toulouse, France

Many light fittings from our WIBRE or HESS program are available as RGB or RGB-W and can easily be DMX controlled:

WIBRE DMX controllable Surface mounted light fittings IP67 or IP68

WIBRE DMX controllable In-ground and above-ground up-lighter, round and linear IP67

WIBRE DMX controllable pool lights IP68

HESS DMX controllable Illuminating Columns Residenza, Vigo and City Elements

HESS DMX controllable Ledia indoor/outdoor LED strip and DMX controllable LED Glass facade, Nara LED strip

HESS DMX controllable Ledia LED tile

The components to build a system  for one fitting are:

  • The DMX controller
  •  A power supply for the fitting, which feeds into a dimmer
  •  A 3 channel RGB or 4 channel RGB-W  dimmer with DMX input
  • The LED RGB or RGB-W light fitting


  • The DMX controller
  • A 3 channel LED driver for RGB or a 4 channel LED driver for RGB-W (Dimmer and driver/power supply in one unit)
  • The LED RGB or RGB-W light fitting

Please contact us for the appropriate product offering for these.

One of our favored controller is the Stand-alone-Controller suitable for 2 different zones. Check-out the DMX control simulation below!

With the interactive simulation below you can easily check out the many possibilities of a simple DMX controlled lighting application for 2 zones. You can control the colour and brightness, you can set and re-call 6 scenes for each zones and you can re-play all scenes and control the speed for that. One  feature is that the chosen colour is visible on the controller around the dial as well on top of the scene buttons.This is important if the controller is at a location where there is no line of sight to the application.

Now – play with the DMX controller and imagine what you can do with that for your application, try the DMX control simulation

Light_Drive Simulation

Courtesy of Traxon Technologies