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About us – who we are and what we do: Form and Light brings high quality German and Italian light fittings and site furnishings to the Australian and New Zealand market. We only partner with German, Italian and Spanish suppliers which have the expertise for high quality, high performance and state of the art fittings.

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HESS lighting and site furnishings

HESS Lighting and site furnishings

HESS lighting and site furnishings

A unique Spa bath in Germany illuminated with WIBRE underwater fittings

A unique Spa bath in Germany illuminated with WIBRE underwater fittings










Our mission is to supply quality, commercial, architectural outdoor and underwater lighting products with the latest technology. Due to the high performance of our products energy savings combined with low maintenance to reduce life cycle cost are the features on the technical side. A pleasing contemporary design is the other advantage. Over 85% of our lighting products are available with LED light sources in whites, solid colours, RGB, RGB-white or RGB-Amber. We do not only supply commercial and high-end residential light fittings but also the necessary approved quality drivers if they are not integrated in the fitting.

Form and Function means Form and Light!

We are not only distributing light fittings from the standard range of our suppliers but design also customized solutions from HESS and WIBRE. Both manufacturer are highly flexible.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us to help you to find the right commercial exterior or underwater lighting product. There is always more than in the catalogs…

Managing Director Walter Wendel has a background of over 30 years in the lighting industry.


Form and Light is a proud SPASA member

Located in Bella Vista in the North West of Sydney we serve Australia and NZ.