SOLOLUCE Indoor LED linear and square fittings

LED linear and square fittings from Sololuce, Italy

Sololuce manufactures a range of LED linear and square fittings for general lighting applications, such as offices, retail and other commercial applications. Some are high performance fittings with glare reduction, high CRI and high R9, as well as tight chromaticity deviation below 2 SDCM. These LED linear and square fittings are ideal for conference rooms and to reduce reflections on computer screens. The family of the MATRIX LED linear and square fittings have a highly efficient secondary mirror design incorporated. State of the art LED luminaire designs from16W up to 71W.

In this section you also find square recessed spot lights typically used in retail applications. With single or multiple heads.

Sololuce Logo

Form and Light is the Australian distributor for the Italian company SOLOLUCE. Started in 1998 as an OEM to other Italian brands , Sololuce Group launched its own brand in 2008. The Sololuce Group is a family owned company with complete control of the quality. All products are made in Italy to a high quality standard. The believe of Sololuce is that the best lighting is found in the balance of Beauty and Control.

Sololuce manufactures a full range of designed in- and outdoor lighting products with the majority available in LED:

  • Street/area lighting
  • flood lighting and spot lighting for in- and outdoor
  • illuminating bollards
  • inground up-lighters
  • wall- mounted fittings
  • general lighting for industrial, commercial and office applications, square or round fittings
  • high bay and pendant luminaires
  • furniture, showcase and cabinet lighting
  • architectural lighting for in- and outdoor

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